Trucking Jobs | Transport America has Options

Transport America offers positions for those seeking professional trucking jobs, The company is expanding its capacity and growing with the needs of its customers and drivers. In fact, TA is the 15th largest truckload carrier in North America. Here’s a look at the available truck driver jobs from this carrier:trucking-jobs

  • Over the Road Solo: Trucking jobs in this category include markets in the Midwest, Eastern US, Mexico, and Canada. Drivers should consider becoming Hazmat certified for better opportunities, and Canadian Certified for the best opportunities, putting the driver in the elite fleet with TA. Rest assured that TA pays top dollar for professional drivers to transport loads, and they receive home time every 10 to 14 days.
  • Over the Road Team: Another option is to join a team. These trucking jobs enable quicker delivery of freight because teams trade off driving and taking breaks. Good partnerships can be very lucrative, since more miles also means more pay. Our Team Division runs cross country getting you the team miles you want and deserve.
  • Dedicated Routes: Truck drivers should seek dedicated trucking jobs if driving predetermined routes limited to a local geographic area and delivering freight for a dedicated customer sounds like the perfect job. This career involves picking up and dropping off freight at the same destinations, resulting in a predictable schedule and frequent home time.
  • Regional Routes: Residents of the Southeast or Midwest United States can enjoy regional truck driver jobs with TA’s Southeast, Midwest and Ohio Regional Routes. It’s a happy medium between over-the-road trucking and dedicated routes, a solution that works well for drivers who want to run, but want frequent home time as well.
  • Owner Operator: Drivers have the option to be self-employed, independent drivers who contract for work from Transport America. This option requires drivers to have privately owned or leased trucks. The flexibility for drivers to control their loads, schedule home time whenever they want, and receive more pay in less time make being an owner operator an enticing possibility. TA offers its Independent Contractors their own Co-Op to run and manage. Through the Co-Op, drivers get discount pricing on repairs, etc.
  • Lease Purchase: Lease-to-own programs put drivers behind the wheel without making a down payment. Then, the driver makes payments on the truck until it’s paid off. This option allows drivers little or no money down to experience the dream of becoming a business owner. TA works with our Lease Purchase drivers to help ensure they have a successful experience and offers many programs to aid them in their business adventure.
  • Student Training: Drivers who have just completed driving school have the option to sign up for Transport America’s training program, which lasts usually four to six weeks. Students must have attended a driving school and graduated with 160 or more hours of instruction. TA then provides 4 to 6 weeks of hands on training with a personal driver instructor. TA knows that beginning a new career in this industry is tough and strives to prepare drivers for the challenges that lay ahead with our program. Drivers can reach the top pay scale in as little as three to five years after they complete this training.

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