Technology and Today’s Trucking Jobs

Transport America offers trucking jobs in the United States. No matter where you’re looking for work, you can rest assured that TA offers access to the most advanced technology in the industry. Such technology benefits drivers by making life on the road easier, safer, and more convenient.trucking-jobs-1

MCP200 Qualcomm

A Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) transforms your truck into an operation center on wheels, and a fleet into a terminal network. Communication between drivers and fleet managers is as simple and seamless as if the two were standing in the same room. The MCP200 Qualcomm helps improve customer service, productivity, and your bottom line through the following solutions:

  • E-logs: If you’ve ever had an Hours of Service (HOS) violation, or if you wish you could spend more time on the road rather than filling out paperwork, e-logs are the perfect solution. Transport America uses electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs), a technique for logging hours that recently became a required mandate for all trucking jobs. Transport America drivers love not having to worry about keeping track of updating their log book. With E-logs it allows them more personal time. Transport America drivers have also discovered that with E-logs, it actually provides them with more available hours to drive.
  • Wi-Fi: With Wi-Fi hotspots, and the option to take a mobile hotspot with you, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Internet connectivity from the cab of your truck. Use it to browse the Internet, check your email, and stay connected with friends and family back home.
  • Text to speech: This excellent part of MCP200 Qualcomm makes trucking jobs more enjoyable. Have your emails read to you, get help from voice guidance, receive updated traffic information and more.
  • In-cab scanning: This trucking technology is a huge benefit to those with trucking jobs. Use it to submit paperwork without leaving the cab of your truck. This reduces out-of-route miles and increases cash flow while providing excellent scanned image quality and convenient end-user support.

Roll Stability

Thanks to the active safety systems present on Transport America’s rigs, you enjoy improved performance and safety behind the wheel. The automated safety systems include roll stability, which enables you to maintain better control of your truck and avoid accidents. In our industry drivers are injured every day in rollover accidents. The Safety of our drivers is very important to us and providing equipment to ensure the safety of our drivers is something we take very seriously. Transport America is constantly researching new technology to make the lives of our drivers more secure on America’s highways.

Traction Control

This feature uses anti-lock brakes to detect and control the motion of your truck’s wheels. Individual sensors on each tire tracks how fast the wheels are spinning. If one is spinning faster than another, traction control pulses the brakes on the faster-spinning wheel in order to transfer power to the wheels with better traction. This feature is literally a lifesaver for people with trucking jobs.

OnGuard™ Collision Safety Systems

This braking system uses radar to detect how close objects are to the front of your truck. It automatically brakes for you if you get too close to another vehicle or object, making driving safer and effectively eliminating rear-end collisions. Since the installation of OnGuard, Transport America has seen a reduction in rear-end collision accidents.  Transport America is committed to providing only the best equipment and technology to our driving personnel.

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