Let Truck Driving Referrals Take You to Paradise

College football is right around the corner, and there are a few similarities between the way Transport America fills truck driving positions and how college football coaches build their teams. There are two ways in which we both fill our rosters: scouting and walk-ons.

TA_2014_RefPoster (2)With our referral program, we ask our drivers to scout the nation in search of professionals they feel can meet our cultural and safety standards, just like a college scout goes in search of the next referral for his team. There are also truck-driver job walk-ons, which are comprised of hopefuls who apply without having been referred. Whether via walk-ons or scouted applicants, we fill our truck driving positions; similar to football, the “players” who have been scouted and referred to the team tend to be a better fit.

Whether a scout is recruiting for a football team or submitting truck driver job referrals, they observe potential candidates in their natural setting. Our drivers can tell a great deal about whether potential recruits will meet TA’s culture through conversation, reputation and how they conduct themselves. College scouts make the same assessment, but they do so on the playing fields and through sit-down interviews. Scouts present candidates for the team to consider, but underlying issues that surface after the initial assessment may rule them out. Not everyone makes the cut, but those who do tend to be among the best players on the team.

Scouting has its benefits; you can take pride in knowing you have helped build the Transport America team, one that – in truck driving – is among the most respected teams in the country. Next time you watch a college football game, let it remind you that you have more similarities to those behind-the-scenes team builders than you once thought.

Refer Your Way to Paradise

At TA, we reward you for helping us achieve our hiring goal by offering a $1,000 bonus for each of your referrals we hire. This year we want to reward the driver that achieves the most referrals, so we’re offering a Trip to Paradise to one diligent truck driving “scout.” This lucky winner will receive an all-inclusive trip for two to their choice of either Mexico or the Caribbean.

Once you decide where you want to go, enjoy a vacation package that includes the following:

  • Paid airfare
  • Hotel stay and associated taxes
  • Three meals daily
  • Beverages
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment

Contest Details

The contest runs until July 31, 2014. If you refer people to TA truck driver jobs and we hire at least three of them, you qualify for a chance to win. We plan to announce the winner of the ­truck driving referral contest on August 20, 2014. Contact Recruiting for more details.

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