Transport America’s Truck Driving Job Orientation: Continuous Improvement

Transport America is constantly improving its programs to make working a truck driving job for the company “the greatest experience possible.” Even the orientation process is undergoing changes to make it fun, educational, and more meaningful. The company has built a state-of-the-art training facility in Birmingham, Ala., and just opened a second facility in Indianapolis to meet the same high standards. These facilities are designed to make the three-day orientation program, more beneficial by providing interactive learning taught by industry veterans.

The training facilities in Birmingham and are loaded with modern features like dual overhead projectors on dual screens, a built-in sound system, and a computer for each driver in the class to use for the self-paced training modules as well as to access the company’s systems and learn the in-cab systems. Transport America believes that drivers need to understand and be comfortable with computers and technology, since every truck driving job in the future will rely heavily on these systems. Instructors work closely with drivers who aren’t familiar with computers to get feeling comfortable with the technology by the time orientation ends.

There are five goals for orientation in the new facilities, according Transport America management:truck-driving-job

  1. Provide a great driving experience
  2. Prepare each driver for success
  3. Provide impactful education
  4. Demonstrate how easy it is for drivers to do business with Transport America
  5. Emphasize the technology aspects of the company and its trucks

Classroom training includes safety procedures and topics, safe work methods, discussions of lifestyle on the road, accident procedures, in-cab technology, company systems, and other topics the company believes is necessary to make the driver successful in a truck driving job with Transport America. The program constantly changes based on driver feedback and input, and is always up-to-date regarding the latest rules and procedures. The ultimate goal of the training, though, is to make sure that  each driver leaves orientation feeling like a person and not just a number, knowing that they are a part of the Transport America family, highly-valued and respected for what they do.

The upgrades at the training facilities to provide state-of-the-art learning are just one part of Transport America’s bigger and more comprehensive program known as “Zero to 60,” a continuous improvement effort to focus on the first 60 days of the driver’s career with TA. It begins when the driver first contacts the company about a truck driving job, and ensures that driver is treated well, trained well, and that all duplication is eliminated from the process. Transport America wants to make sure that drivers are happy from the start, and that they stay happy with the company and its efforts and programs. The company strives to make sure it provides the greatest driver experience possible.