New Year, New Improvements for Our Truck Drivers

A new year has begun and it’s looking good for truck drivers who drive for Transport America. This motor carrier made many maintenance improvements throughout 2013 to better serve drivers. These major initiatives, which will be around for all of 2014 and beyond, include the following:

  • Increased mechanic head count: With about 10 percent more mechanics on hand at each shop, truck drivers can have their rigs serviced faster and more efficiently.
  • Created longer shop hours: Almost every Transport America shop has extended service hours for 2014.
  • Opened a new Dallas, Texas support center: The center includes maintenance and fueling services for increased driver convenience.
  • Deployed a mandatory mechanic training program: Truck drivers who have ever been displeased by maintenance performance due to lack of training can put their minds at ease. Now, all mechanics must participate in a comprehensive training program with the goal to diagnose and repair problems the first time around.
  • Improved driver experience at Transport America shops: Starting with its shop in Atlanta, Ga., this motor carrier is redesigning the traffic flow, parking and service adviser interaction to improve driver experience.
  • Added safety lanes at high-volume shops: Transport America places signifcant emphasis on maintaining a clean CSA score, evidenced by the new safety lanes at high-volume shops.
  • Created a new approach to preventative maintenance (PM): The PM procedure is currently being overhauled with the intent to develop a more efficient process that increases shop productivity, gets drivers back on the road quickly, and provides a consistently positive experience for truck drivers at all Transport America shops.
  • Upgraded trucks and trailers: More driver amenities are now present on most rigs, including screened sleeper windows and doors, new interior lighting, mini fridges, and upgraded dash displays.
  • Introduced the Kenworth truck: Some notable features of this new addition to the fleet are the flat-panel TV mounts and USB charging ports in the sleeper.
  • Incorporated new safety features: Trailers now come with a curbside frame handle and additional step on the ICC to make trailer ingress and egress safer.
  • Rebuilt fuel and routing software: Now an additional 500+ fuel stops are in the network, allowing for greater route flexibility and fewer out-of-route miles when stopping for fuel. In addition, more DEF stops have been opened up at network fuel sites.

To learn more about how Transport America puts their truck drivers first, please visit our website.