Transport America Fuel for Thought | The Great Driver Experience

Fuel-for-ThoughtDrivers get bombarded with information in magazines, social media and advertisements from competitors talking about what they have to offer you. There are a good number of Scott Arvescarriers out there, but how can you tell what’s real and what’s spin?

I can tell you what we try to do at Transport America: To walk the talk when it comes to creating a great driver experience. This is how we do it:

  1. Top Pay: Our top rates of pay are in the upper 10 percent in the industry. That’s verified by the National Transportation Institute, an independent third party that compares pay for the majority of large and midsize carriers in the US.
  2. Time at Home: We measure the commitments we hit and act on those commitments we miss.
  3. Healthy and Wellness Programs: We offer Steppers, Fitbits, resistance equipment and more. We will soon be rolling out a kiosk network to allow you to measure basic health information at hundreds of locations in the U.S, including our support centers. You’ll then be able to track your progress online.
  4. Frontline Training for Fleet Managers: We are rolling out a series of short training videos to educate our entire organization on how we can be more effective in supporting our drivers. This is a major undertaking that I am confident will greatly improve our interactions with drivers.
  5. Focus on Being Driver-Friendly: With the help of Franklin-Covey Consulting, we have goals set across the entire company to create an even better experience for you. Each week, goals will be posted and measured, then followed by actions for improvement.

I hope you see how we’re making significant effort to always improve the quality of experience you receive here at Transport America. I appreciate the job you do daily.fuel-for-thought