The Techs Behind the Trucks | Keeping Transport America Moving

Do you think trucks just hit the road day after day and simply need to fuel up once in a while? Well, think again. Hours of hard work take place behind the scenes to keep our trucks on the road and a great team of technicians is essential to making that happen. Transport America relies on talented technicians such as Christina Haug, a Lead Technician at our Maintenance Shop in Eagan, Minnesota. Christina knows firsthand what it’s like to be a technician for Transport America verses working for the other guys and in her eyes, Transport America is second to none.

In the fall of 2013, Christina joined Transport America as the first female technician in the entire company and was on the fast track to success. After almost two years, Christina left Transport America in February of 2015 for a job closer to home. She found a new transport-america-techs2employer that offered her a similar schedule and compensation but Christina quickly realized that something was missing and that was the atmosphere of Transport America. It was less than 6 months since she had left but Christina found herself back at Transport America as the 1st shift lead technician. According to Christina, she chose to come back due to the abundance of opportunities and potential for career growth. Christina said she enjoys the fact that Transport America continuously offers educational courses whether online or in a live classroom and encourages all technicians to continue mastering their craft.

Of all of the perks that come with working at Transport America, Christina’s favorite part of her day is the satisfaction of getting drivers back on the road. As a lead technician, she is responsible for working with dispatchers, drivers and technicians in prioritizing what needs to be accomplished. On any given day, you can find Christina working on a truck or assisting with troubleshooting a problem. Needless to say, things can get busy around the shop. Christina proudly states that even though it’s a busy environment for the team of technicians, they effectively work together to always get the job done.

Not only does Christina help with the day to day functions at the Eagan shop but she has also developed strong working relationships with technicians in Transport America’s other locations. Such as Jim Coen, a Lead Technician in our North Jackson shop. Jim has been transport-america-techs1with Transport America for over six years and chooses to stick around due to the variety in his day to day projects and constant new challenges that come with the role. According to Jim, “It’s always changing – from troubleshooting check engine lights to routine preventative maintenance; each day is completely different from the last.” When we asked Jim if there were any downfalls to his job, he joked “sometimes I get a little too dirty.” As a technician, Jim knows that getting dirty is part of a hard day’s work.

Are you interested in joining the Transport America maintenance team? If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment, have a positive attitude and are open to learning new skills and challenging yourself, then Christina and Jim both encourage you to “Just go for it!”

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