The TA Experience – How Transport America Stands Out

Imagine you’re a judge on America’s Got Talent. You see a variety of acts that only have 90 seconds to prove themselves as the next best thing. The performers are dressed to impress, and in that 90-second audition, they bring every ounce of energy and personality they have to the stage in hopes that you, the judge, will recognize what they have to offer.

If you’re exploring the possibility of changing carriers, weighing the traits that set each one apart from the other, consider Transport America’s 90-second audition to win your vote:

Many carriers talk about the ways they differentiate themselves from the pack. The question you have to ask is what does that mean for the driver? At TA, we know drivers have the most difficult  jobs in the company. They are the face of TA because they’re often the only company representatives that customers ever meet face-to-face.

That’s why we make sure to treat drivers with the respect they deserve. We strive to be an employer of choice, which is why we pay in the upper 10 percent of the trucking industry.

It’s why we treat our drivers better than any other carrier. We teach our associates how to be great leaders—always keeping in mind the driver’s perspective.

We provide a number of opportunities for drivers who have different home time requirements because we know every driver is unique. That’s why we try to match the work to the driver’s needs.

You’ll find more information at—about our culture; the things that we do to stress safety above all other factors; how we value respect, integrity and professionalism regarding our customers and our employees; and how we strive for excellence in everything we do at TA.

All of that has a positive impact on the driver experience. All of those elements are key parts of the formula that we’ve developed to help drivers achieve success. It speaks to the training and mentoring we offer and the quality equipment we provide for our drivers.

It’s about the commitment to technologies that keep drivers safe, streamline the business side of the job, and help them stay in touch with home life.

That’s TA’s 90-second audition. What do you think? Are you ready to make the switch? Ride along with us, and we’ll help you take your truck driving career to the next level.

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