Fuel for Thought | The TA Culture

Fuel-for-ThoughtScott ArvesI hear a lot of anecdotes and stories from our Transport America drivers, but the ones that really stand out don’t have anything to do with driving, or their equipment, or what they’ve delivered for customers.

The stories I’m talking about involve those times when drivers, for whatever reason, have to get back home – and fast.

It may involve a family illness or (God forbid) a death of a loved one. Some situation requires their immediate attention, so they have to make a sudden change in plans and return home.

When people ask me about the TA culture, I think about those times when we’ve bought plane tickets and rented cars to make sure that driver gets home to face whatever Moment of Truth awaits them. We’ll do whatever we can to take care of that driver.

I’ve written before about how we make the driver the center of our culture – how we treat them like they’re the most important people in our organization, because they are. It’s why we make the drivers the focus of our safety initiatives.

It’s why we talk about respect for the drivers.

When we hear about the reasons why drivers choose to leave a trucking company, they boil down to the fact that they weren’t respected for the job they did. At TA we know how difficult that job is, so we lead and communicate with that always uppermost in our minds. We’re going to respect the drivers and the challenges they face on the road.

We hope that comes through in our mission to provide the best driver experience. TA provides drivers with choices in the equipment they drive, and how much time at home they’ll have. We pay in the top 10 percent of the industry, provide excellent benefits, and have a strong customer base to ensure there’s enough work to go around.

However, we believe the TA culture is best illustrated during those times when the family comes first – and a driver’s road has to lead home in a hurry.