The Best Student Truck Driving Jobs Are Available at Transport America

student truck driving jobsGetting a CDL is an important moment for a new truck driver, but finding student truck driving jobs, especially ones that provide the comprehensive training necessary to be successful on the road, are hard to come by. Some companies will bring on students fresh from obtaining a CDL, but few spend the time necessary to prepare them for all of the conditions they will encounter on the road or properly train them to be successful drivers. Transport America has a program that offers student truck driving jobs, but unlike others that may push their drivers out in as little as two weeks to begin solo driving, Transport America provides five weeks of personalized, one-on-one training with some of the best Student Driver Instructors and truck drivers in the country.

The Transport America Student Driver Training Program was designed to provide student truck driving jobs that give each new truck driver the best chance to be successful. The five-week program starts out with a week of orientation and classroom training, followed by four weeks of over-the-road training with a personal Student Driving Instructor (SDI). The SDI is with the student right from day one and stays with that truck driver the throughout training. SDIs sit in the jump seat for the four weeks of on-road driving, providing instruction and advice, and continue mentoring the driver as the student truck driving jobs turn into First Stage Solo OTR jobs.

Student Driving Instructors are extraordinary trainers. They’re the cream of the crop among the Transport America fleet. They are dedicated and committed to the success of the student truck driving jobs program, and have been handpicked for the job based on their years of service, driving skills, safety records, and exemplary performance. They are the top 25 drivers in the company, and have completed a Leadership Training program to ensure they provide their students the best experience possible. They take pride in each of their students, and stay in touch with them long after they have moved on. Ten of the 25 instructors started out with student truck driving jobs gained through the Transport America program.

Transport America’s student truck driving jobs pay trainees while they learn to drive, too—$75 a day when they’re in the driver’s seat during training. The intensive training puts students through a wide range of real-life situations, preparing them to experience life on the road as a truck driver. Over-the-road, local, and city driving are all part of the training, and it’s not unusual for students to drive into a major city like New York or Atlanta. The sole purpose is to expose students to as many situations as possible, with an instructor sitting right beside the student drivers providing instruction, not off sleeping in the bunk or reading a book. In addition, students often gain additional training they can’t get elsewhere on one of Transport America’s three simulators, where they can experience what it will be like to navigate through snow and ice, drive into a sunrise or sunset, and even encounter mechanical failures on the rig.

The Student Driver Program is the essential first step in Transport America’s “Great Driver Experience.” This is an intensive five-week training program led by some of the best driving instructors in the country sitting beside the students as they experience truck driving at its best and worst. Transition Fleet Leaders bring the students along as they begin their first few months as solo drivers, with their SDIs available for mentoring if needed. As drivers advance, so do their driving opportunities and pay per mile. The Great Driver Experience is all about transparency, great communication, breaking down barriers, and promoting a healthy and productive lifestyle as a truck driver, and it all starts with the best student truck driving jobs available in the nation. At Transport America, students aren’t just students; they’re Transport America drivers on day one.

Transport America wants the best drivers in the nation on its team, and we’ll train you properly right from the start. We’ll provide top-notch instructors and weeks of experience, not just days, and pay you while you learn to drive. If you want to work for a family-oriented company that treats you like a professional, join the Transport America team by visiting their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube