Husband and Wife Make Perfect Combination in Team Trucking Jobs

Team trucking jobs are particularly rewarding when married couples can make the transition from home to truck cab and journey across the country together making money while they to it. That’s exactly what husband and wife team Scott and Kathi Alberg are doing—working together and finding success on the roadways. They make the most of their team trucking jobs by taking turns behind the wheel, keeping the truck moving toward its destination, and putting money in their pockets at the same time.

Scott and Kathi already had the groundwork laid for success in team trucking jobs because they have been successful in their marriage. Scott notes that teams must be aligned in their expectations and outcomes if they want to reach their goals, which is one of the reasons he and Kathi work together so well in their trucking jobs. “We can each drive 11 hours a day and work 14,” Kathi points out, “and we make sure we use all of our allowable time effectively. To keep from interrupting our normal sleep habits, Scott drives at night and I drive in the daytime.”  The system works well for the couple.

The Albergs signed on for their team trucking jobs with Transport America. They are very happy with the company, its family atmosphere, helpful staff, and consistent freight assignments. “Transport America treats us with respect. They’re honest, and back up what they tell you. They definitely go above and beyond for their drivers,” Scott offers. Kathi adds, “Transport America is unique because they make sure we get the miles we want for our trucking jobs while keeping safety first. We’ve been around the industry long enough to know a great company when we see it.”

The couple says that Transport America exceeds expectations time after time with their team trucking jobs. The company follows through on the promises it makes to drivers, and does so consistently. Transport America also provides its drivers with modern equipment and amenities, excellent pay and benefits, and a solid customer base.

Betsy Waldrop, Recruiting Director Transport America at Transport America, says Transport America strives to put safety above everything else. She also observes that, at the end of the day, “We want drivers in our team trucking jobs to be successful, so it’s important to us to get the right type of freight and the right customers. That way, our drivers get the miles they want and can deliver the goods safely in the process.”

Transport America has been a transportation industry leader since 1984, offering excellent service and great trucking jobs. The company is committed to providing only the highest of quality in transportation and logistics services, while at the same time creating a work atmosphere that exceeds the needs of their drivers and families.

Transport America is always looking for qualified team truck drivers. If you’re interested in joining the Transport America team, visit