Professional Truck Drivers – Home Time is Your Time

As a truck driver, you should not have to choose between guaranteed home time and making good money. At Transport America, we believe the two go hand in hand which is truck-driver-familywhy we pay in the upper 10% of the industry and make home a priority. We place a heavy emphasis on making sure every driver’s home time needs are taken into account no matter what time of year it is. Here is a look at what you can expect when you drive for Transport America:

  • Your family comes first: We understand that life happens and some situations are out of your control. If you have a family emergency and need to get home without delay, Transport America not only makes sure that you get there quickly but we also make sure you are given the adequate amount of time to tend to that matter.
  • You have access to Get Home Certificates: Transport America provides drivers with “Get Home Certificates” that can be used once per quarter. The certificate is provided to guarantee home time without delay. No questions asked, no explanations needed, the certificate is your express ticket to home.
  • Every employee works to make your home time possible: While the office staff may not fully understand what it is like to live on the road, everyone can appreciate the importance of sleeping in your own bed on a regular basis. From fleet management to customer service to planning personnel, the back office respects your need for home time and creates a schedule to satisfy your needs.
  • Special requests are considered: If you have a unique situation, such as a child with special needs or an ill family member, and you need to stay closer to home, we do our best to accommodate you. If approved, your routes will keep you within a certain radius of home so you can get back quickly when needed.
  • Systems are built around home time: Drivers can view upcoming home time from in-cab calendar displays. This keeps everyone on the same page regarding time off.
  • Success is measured by home time: Transport America places such a heavy emphasis on home time that we measure success not only on our ability to make timely deliveries, but on meeting driver home time needs as well. We are proud to have little to no losses associated with drivers not getting home on time.

We empathize and understand that one of the most difficult parts of being a driver is the time spent away from home; which is why we focus so much energy into getting you home more frequently than most trucking companies. Luckily there are numerous ways to stay in touch with the ones you care about most while on the road. Click here to read some great ideas on how to communicate with family and friends while you are away.

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