OTR Trucking Jobs and Truck Cab Essentials

otr-trucking-jobsYou need a commercial driver’s license before you can land any one of the plentiful OTR trucking jobs, but that’s not all you need. Have you thought about the electronics and other important gear you’ll use to help make your job go smoothly? Here’s a look at some of the items Transport America supplies or suggests drivers use to help them in their OTR trucking jobs.


Transport America and many other OTR trucking companies provide you with Qualcomm. This wireless telecommunications product helps your time on the road go as smoothly as possible. For example, the MSP 200 In-Cab Navigation application offers email communications between you and your family, wifi connections and, turn-by-turn vocal routing, removing the need for you to manually enter addresses. This saves time and reduces fuel consumption to improve your overall experience when working OTR trucking jobs.

Auxillary Power Unit

It is very important that OTR truck drivers get a good night sleep. Transport America and many other OTR Trucking Companies provide their drivers with APUs. This allows drivers to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without the need for idling. It also provides the power needed to make many on the road, such as home cooked meals using your crock pot.

Healthy Food and Snacks

Transport America is putting a real focus on driver’s health. It is so easy on the road to pick up snacks and meals that are full of fat and calories. We recommend that you keep a variety of healthy fruits and meals on hand at all times. So the next time you are at the truck stop and get that craving for a burger and fries, it will be easier for you to pass them up.


GPS and Qualcomm are great, but like all technology, they are not foolproof. You can’t go wrong with a good, old-fashioned paper road atlas!


No motorist should be without a sturdy flashlight in the glove compartment. Consider a shakable flashlight that doesn’t require batteries to ensure you always have light when you need it.

Duffle Bag on Wheels

Store everything you need to clean yourself up at truck stops in a convenient duffle bag. This is easier to store than hard-sided luggage and is useful for hauling a large purchase back to your truck.

Sleeping Bag

Things can and will go wrong during wintertime runs. Avoid spending the night in a freezing cold cab by having a sleeping bag on hand. Even if you’re not in an emergency situation, for those extra chilly nights, a nice warm sleeping back can make a good night’s rest into a great night’s rest for OTR truck drivers.

With your cab decked out with these electronics and other useful things, you’re ready for whatever lies ahead. For more information on finding OTR trucking jobs with Transport America, visit our website and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.