Lease Purchase with TA

Transport America has offered Lease Purchase in the past, but the new Lease Purchase Program is different. Here are answers to some basic questions about the new Lease Purchase opportunity with TA.

trucking-jobsWhat spurred the change? TA assessed its current offerings and pulled all the positives into a single, ideal program for new owner operators. The new Lease Purchase Program is all about new drivers to ownership faster.

How is TA’s Lease Purchase Program different from what other companies offer? Transport Americaoffers a mentor program that educates inexperienced owner operators in all areas of running their own business.

How does financing work? A down payment option of $0 to $6,000 is available. The carrier currently offers three financing options with electronic settlement deductions. The differences between these financing options facilitate a place for anyone seeking Lease Purchase   trucking jobs with TA.

What are the benefits of entering the program? Lease Purchase drivers enjoy immediate payback from the Lease Purchase Program. A minimal down payment and full settlements encourage success from the start. The 36-month leasing option also allows for full truck ownership in only three years. Plus, TA reports good payment history so the Lease Purchase Program increases drivers’ credit history.

Can current company drivers enter the program? Absolutely! Employees who switch to the Lease Purchase Division are called company transfer drivers. Any current company drivers who have been with TA for at least six months and are interested in making the switch should talk with their fleet leader. All parties decide on the best program for the driver and the transfer process begins from there.

What can a driver do to prepare for the Lease Purchase Program? Drivers are encouraged to do their research. Lease Purchase trucking jobs feel quite different from company trucking jobs. Drivers who choose the Lease Purchase option need to remember that this is their business. TA can only guide the drivers to what has worked in the past; the driver must do the rest.

From recent driving school graduates to truck driver veterans, there are trucking jobs available at TA for everyone. To learn more about securing ­owner operator trucking jobs with Transport America, please visit the TA website. Then, keep up to date with the latest industry information by finding us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.