Fuel for Thought | Regulation

Fuel-for-ThoughtOn occasion we update you on the expansive regulatory agenda, as if you didn’t have enough to concern yourself these days.  In total, there are over 20 regulations that are in various stages that could impact you in the coming years, many of which those of us in Scott Arvestrucking are in disagreement with.  The reason we are against many of them is not because we are anti- safety, rather we believe many are poorly designed and don’t improve safety, in some cases, make the industry less safe.  To update you on a few that may impact you:

  1. Hours of Service- The American Trucking Association (ATA) has testified before congress recently about the damaging impacts the change in the 34 hour restart has had.  The hope is for a suspension of the new restart provision for 1 year to study the impacts of the change on both safety and productivity.  Expect nothing to happen until after the elections.
  2. CSA-  A bill is currently in front of Congress that would require FMCSA to remove CSA scores from public view while FMCSA works to address the litany of shortcomings that still exist with the current CSA law.  Once again, the hope is the bill will be acted on after the election.
  3. Electronic Logging Devices-  This law was first advanced in Feb 2011 with mandatory implementation supposed to be completed in 2015.  Here we are almost 4 years later and they are still working it, having missed numerous deadlines.  We would expect a final ruling next year.  In the meantime, almost 40 percent of the industry has moved to ELD’s and we strongly support this rule.
  4. Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse- The rule, which we support, would create a Federal Clearinghouse to track positive drug and alcohol test results, as well as refusals to test.  We would expect this bill to be passed next year but it is still being developed and as you can imagine the devil is in the details.

There are many other regulations being proposed but we as an organization try to resist the federal government reaching too far into regulating us and you.  Both as a company and through the ATA, we actively work to try to influence the development of regulations that do make sense but challenge those that serve no positive purpose.  In particular, Transport America provided a lot of feedback on CSA that was incorporated from the initial proposal.  In addition, we have testified before agencies of Congress on the negative effects HOS changes would have on safety and the economy.

I hope this update has been helpful, thanks for adapting to all of the change hoisted upon us, lets hope for less government regulation in the years to come.