Fuel for Thought | Transport America’s Outstanding Drivers Help Secure Victory

transport-americaEach year, Logistics Management, a magazine that reaches over 100,000 logistics professionals, runs a customer poll called the “Quest for Quality” to determine the best of the best in transportation. For the third time in five years, Transport America has won a transport-americaQuest for Quality award, and we are truly blown away by the support from our customers. You may be wondering why I am announcing this achievement on our driver blog, but our drivers are the foundation to our success, and we would not be considered for such an award without YOU, our outstanding team of drivers and here’s why …

  • Each day you set out to make deliveries and because of your dedication to safety and your commitment to staying on schedule, we are commended on our on-time delivery performance.
  • The customer may communicate with a dozen different people within Transport America, but when it comes down to the delivery of their product, you are the person they work with face to face. You may consider yourself “just the driver” but we know you play a very large role in why we receive high scores in customer service.
  • During a make it or break it customer crisis, you are flexible to change your routes, reschedule your home time or pick up extra slack. While we rarely ask you to make such drastic changes, you do so willingly and save the day for a load that would otherwise go to a competitor.
  • You work closely with your fleet leader and form a strong relationship. The conversations go beyond scorecard metrics and safety tips, and you allow the fleet leader to know you on a personal level and learn about your hobbies or grandchildren. This may seem like mundane conversation, but the trust you build with your fleet leader plays a large role in the service you deliver. A company can provide an abundance of bells and whistles to attract drivers but to ensure success at the end of the day, a driver must enjoy working with their fleet leader.

transport-america-awardThe Quest for Quality Award names the best of the best in transportation; similarly, we set out to hire only the best of the best in professional drivers. I would like to thank you, our drivers, for your help in achieving this prestigious award again this year. Without your commitment to Transport America, we would not be acknowledged for our performance in on-time delivery and outstanding customer service and value.

Do you have a story about a time you went above and beyond for a customer to ensure ultimate service? We would love to hear about it. Please share it with us on Facebook or send a tweet to @TAdrivers!