Fuel for Thought | A Note from the Desk of Transport America CEO Scott Arves on…Going Digital

Dear Drivers,

Look around the next time you head into a terminal or truck stop to take a break from the road. Count all the laptops, smartphones or tablet computers that drivers use to access the Internet so they can keep up with the news or check on weather conditions.Going Digital

Maybe some of them are catching up on work-related emails that built up between stops. There’s a good chance you’ll also find a few taking part in Skype video chats with families back home.

You don’t have to tell us it’s a Web-connected world.  It’s why we were one of the first to provide in-cab Internet access for all our drivers, and why we provide free Wi-Fi hotspots at our terminals.

It’s also why Transport America has decided that we will steer the majority of our recruiting efforts toward digital platforms. We want to use the Web, social media and blogs to find the best truck drivers on the roads, and steer them toward new levels of success with TA.

This shift is big news in trucking. As an industry, we’ve always relied on newspaper or television ads to tell our story. Rest assured, those traditional outlets will remain a part of our strategy.

However, we’ve been moving more toward digital media for the past three years because we know we have to go where the potential drivers are. I’ve made it clear within our company that we have to be open to exploring all the ways people are communicating right now.

A digital approach enables us to refine our recruiting in ways we couldn’t have imagined just five years ago. We can tailor specific recruiting needs to regions of the country, and drill down almost to a neighborhood level regarding the way we tell the TA story to a potential pool of drivers.

Social media holds special promise because of its conversational style and real-time capabilities. We can directly engage with those interested in driving for us and quickly answer their questions.

All of this is part of our goal is to make sure we connect in ways that are relevant to drivers. If you are with another company right now, check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @TADrivers.  It’s a great way to connect with our current drivers and find out more about Transport America.

As always, you can email me your thoughts and comments at TellScottWhatYouThink@transportamerica.com.

Be safe,

Scott Arves