Fuel for Thought | A Trucking Career Suited for You


Have you ever stopped to think what the average number of orientations a driver will sit through during the span of his or her trucking career? It seems some drivers are always going to orientation and their time with carriers is just a little rest stop until they get on the next bus to the next orientation. Have you ever wondered why? There are tons of reasons for changing companies: “They didn’t treat me right” … “no miles” … or “poor equipment.” Usually this happens because a driver hires on with the first carrier that approved him or her. The driver settled, instead of researching to determine whether the carrier met his or her needs, or even if the carrier’s culture was one in which drivers could thrive.

Scott ArvesAt Transport America, we have strived hard NOT to be the carrier that drivers come to just because they were approved. If that is what you are looking for then we should definitely NOT be on your list. If you are searching for a carrier that takes pride in its safety culture by having E-logs, is DOT compliant and does hair testing, then Transport America could be your carrier of choice. We have tough guidelines to attract only the best in the industry. We reward our drivers by providing top industry pay, newer equipment, state-of-the-art technology, terrific home time policies and one of the best cultures in the industry. When was the last time you got a pat on the back for a job well done?

If you don’t want to ride the bus to one orientation after another, and you do want to be with a carrier that has high standards, please consider Transport America. I encourage you to speak to one or more of our drivers. You just might find what you have been looking for.


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